Devblog 9

LastWolves official server!

Hi again after a long period of time! I'm so sorry, that I didn't managed to write devblogs on time, but I was hardly working on the game. We definitely reached our first milestone! To create working survival game with building, shooting and so on. This game looks like a mixture of popular games like Rust, Minecraft, DayZ, H1Z1, Hurtworld and more. But, that isn't our plan. Yeah I know, sometimes the feature that is in that games might appear, but we don't want and we won't copy them! So let's take a look at the changes!


I repaired item usage. Before, when you used item, you won't be able to refill your health, or the bug was, that healthbar and hungerbar had the same values. It's now fixed. Also it was removed from item script and moved to script, where you select slot.
I'm not content at all with slot selecting, but I'll definitely fix it next time.


Okay, you now can see, which item are you crafting/you have selected. Beware, because when you select to craft one foundain, it'll produce 2 foundains. It's correct, because the higher amount you select with slider, the more times the crafting recipe will be used.

Weapon Animatios

It was a small bug, that caused sprint animation, when you were standing. It's fixed!


Weapons Item Info fixed, now displaying correctly.

Item Damage

Hooray! Items like weapons have damage, so use your tools and weapons wisely, because you never know, when they'll broke. But you will be able to repair them. I'm planning update on this.

New items

Pickaxe is back, also bandage, BoletusMushroom.


I was working on farming system. For example BoletusMushroom. Self planted and it'll grow up until it's pickupable. Also, Hazelnut bush. You will plant Hazelnut with building system. So: Select hazelnut seeds item in hand, place it wherever you want and watch it grow! When it's grown, the green hazelnuts will show. You can pick up them and use them as new seeds or wait until it's ready for harvest. Enjoy hazelnuts! Also you can see, how big your plant will be, when it become an adult :D

Server Commands

Now, you can run commands just from chat by typing /command [parameter]... they'll be sent to server and back with response. You can give items to you or to your friend, send pm and so on...


Woohoo!!! We made it! We now run LastWolves Official #1 on this link click here... where you can see, whether is the server running or not. Also, you can copy banners links (not .png, but .php) and place it to your website or forum. Everytime you refresh your page, it'll show. Look here how it looks like:

It's working and it's updating depending on file data.txt, that's shared online.


File, that's included with server build is permissions.json. Json file with classic permission configuration. Which group which player have and which permissions. Also you can change group prefix in chat to have complete control over your server!


I figured out, that that the game is too big, approx. 320MB in size. I found out, that textures took 250MB. I reduced their sizes from 2K or 4K to only 1K or less, depending on usage and quality I wanted to have. Also we are using Unity's Occlusion Culling, which also reduced game lags and increased performance and raised FPS. How amazing!


  • Fixed Buggy seat problem(Now it's with different system)
  • ItemInfo now showing properly
  • Reduced Game size
  • New server command /give playername itemid [amount]
  • New server command /kill playername
  • Permissions
  • ObjectPermissions
  • Item: BoletusMushroom
  • Item: HazelnutSeeds
  • Item: Hazelnuts
  • Item: Petrol
  • Item: CookedBoletus
  • Item: Cloth
  • Item: Bandage
  • Fixed Campfire
  • Changed map
  • Model: Bridge
  • Model: PetrolCan

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