Devblog 8

Vehicles are here!

Hi there after two weeks. For almost a month I was doing the game myself. Juraj hadn't got enough time to help me with work, but I was trying my best to make as many things as possible. I'm very happy, because I remade game systems, that were old to new ones to make it work better and to divide it into small parts for better debugging and if there's a mistake in one, it won't affect whole game. Let's take a look what changed from the last update.


I created deployables. What's that? It's a simple script put on each object, that needs to be or can be placed in the world. That's it. It won't do anything else. It's because, when I was dealing with complex blocks like campfire or door or storagebox, it was hard for me to work with it. Dividing blocks into two separate things: to "deployable" and "interactable" did this: When I was modifying or changing variables, it messed up whole block. I won't be able to place it. Anyway, blocks like Wall or Foundain doesn't need interaction, so why do I have to include it there?


I divided also interactables into two separate parts. First is Interactable and the second is NetInteractable. Why? Because when I had to have two different react zones with two different interactions, the player took it as one. So I divided it into these two. First one is responsible just for client Interaction and for displaying just interact message and it sends a message to a server, that this object needs to be interacted and then the player receives response. How easy? My tip is to keep it simple. As simple as possible and you will have better results than when you are messing with it.


Woah! We are the first(I think) studio, that have vehicles in it's survival game! And also, with inventory and fuel consumption. Also, when you enter a car, it'll show you Speedometer and Fuel availability. What to do when you want to take your car for a ride? Simply open a carcase, you'll put fuel there, the car will automatically take it and also, you can take your stuff with you! How amazing! Also, I'm planning to make a lock for whole car, to prevent your neighbors from stealing it.


With vehicles, I made simple UI of Speedometer and Fuel and also Inventory of the car.


Yes, building is improved also. Mainly the buildprefab(that creepy red-green thing in front of you when you are building). It'll now stick to the ground or to other object colliders. We haven't made restrictions, so you can place it onto celling for instance. What a nice fire from the celling!


I repaired many bugs such as campfire bugs and more, I think, they are mostly invisible and in the backend.

That's all for now, we hope you liked our blog and see ya in the next devblog!

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