Devblog 7

Better... Faster... Stronger...

Hi again! We have plenty of changes this week, or almost a week. I'm really excited, because about a moth ago, I thought, it'll take a years to remake everything into multiplayer. What's very interesting, we made it. Game is now playable, but with many bugs. But we are trying our best as usual, to make it available as soon as possible.


Wolves are back in game. Fully functional, but we must play with settings, because now they are quite fast, faster than player, so they'll kill you very quickly.


New drops have been added.

Expanded World

I know, procedural world isn't enabled, but that will be another big challenge, because wolves, players and spawning aren't ready for that. So I enlarged the world to give it more space.


Finally, I'm glad to introduce "ModLua", our internal programming language based on standard Lua, which we or you will use for mod programming or server plugins programming. We are preparing huge documentation on how to program in ModLua. Why do I call it ModLua? Because it's modified Lua. Syntax is the same, but purpose is different. We wanted to differ standard Lua and Lua, that we will use in our games. So what's that anyway? It's a simple file "file.lsp", where the code is written. It's because w want to differ files. It's a shortcut from LastwolvesServerPlugin. Also mods will be added, but later. I think, we must do the most important things first.

Here's an example of ModLua join and leave messages:


A nice piece of UI, that shows you currently connected players. I think it's handy.


Great way to make server owners to be able to inform it's players about different stuff or from us. Also it's included in ModLua scripting.


Because of networking issues, we had to disable it for a while. But now it's here and it's fully working. It has no effects for now, but it will have.


Campfire definitely works, you can bake fish or meat.


I remade authentication for easier login into game. At first, you'll select your username, type-in email and choose, if you want to send us your pc specs(Operating System, Graphics Card info, Processor info) for our personal stuff like optimization. But if you're afraid, you can cancel it. And also, if you want to receive news and updates from us, you can subscribe there. It's temporary solution until we'll have finished Leveland Account or Steam release.

Menu Theme

Also I made new soundtrack. Listen it here:

That's all for this week. Don't forget to leave a comment or subscribe one of our social media.


  • Wolves in game
  • New item drops
  • Expanded world
  • ModLua added
  • Playerlist UI
  • Notifications UI
  • Clothing works
  • Campfire works
  • Main Menu Theme song
  • Supply drop improvements
  • Added IconDatabase

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