Devblog 6

Apparently, we're doing better. Finally...

Finally, we understood, how client-server connection works so we are trying to implement that as soon as possible. As I've said few posts ago, we are making game
in our free time, so it's hard to keep writing blogs each week and keep on working, but we are trying our best. So what's new for this week?

Supply Drop

My favorite thing. The magical Supply Drop! I like the idea of plane flight above you, that drops supplies on the ground using parachute. So I started working on it.
It now works! You can trigger supply drop with server command 'airdrop' which automatically triggers it. You'll automatically get free items by item's rarity setting.

UI Changes

I must say, our old UI of Settings Menu was horrible. I decided to categorize settings to make it more understandable. Also, Serverlist was changed to only two categories.
Favorite Servers, where you can save your favorite servers and public serverlist, with officially registered servers.

It works!

Game now works! Finally I've been digging in a code for weeks and results are here! You can shot your friend dead or slap him with crowbar. Whatever. It works perfectly!


I have seen this amazing plugin for comments. So let us know what you think about our work!

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