Devblog 5

I have to say, bad things happen. Not that much, but we realized, that...

I must said, bad things happen. Not that much, but we realized, that all of our code was client-based. Because the game will be server authoritative, all of code must be remade to work on server, not on clients.
Let me explain. First of all, when you spawned a campfire for example, it worked only, if you run a singleplayer test game. But when I started tests on client and server separately, it didn't work. And that's where we
had tons of mistakes, which need to be repaired.

Procedural Terrain

We had to disable it for a while due to problems with whole game, because we are just two for this game, it takes too long to repair it.

Server updates

Tons of bugs made me work on server side more precisely, but what's important, we disabled ability to connect for those players that, have incompatible versions, that are banned or not whitelisted.
Server now writes logs to a log file.

World saving

World saving was also a bit confusing and when you changed the location of saved file on a first line, it produced an error, that the world couldn't be found. So I rewrote the code for better saving and the saving location is just in one place, in your game folder. Why do you have to search for all files around computer?


I must say, if something is complicated to do, or it takes too log, e.g. find a proper scene in your project folder, or to change item data and settings, make a tool for it! There's nothing better than make your boring work easier.


I remade join and leave messages and messages for death.


Item classes, or items made with script by inheriting from classes as Notch(creator of Minecraft) or us made in the game game, is for Unity inappropriate. Unity will argue with the memory, processor and all other stuff. We made it easier and more optimized, by moving items that needs to have a class, to data files. They are easier to work with, you can edit them manually or with unity's CustomEditor/CustomInspector and other Editor-based stuff and what's more, my computer parts were happy. Water quality and color was also improved, to make it look more natural.


As soon as possible, we will try to rewrite scripts to work mostly on server, to unburden clients and to get rid of cheaters. Also we want to make updates for Procedural Terrain and add a new features, for example vehicles. I've already made a model for it.

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