Devblog 14

We have decided, that AI needs complete remake...

Like I've said recently, we are now again fully working on Last Wolves. The game won't only be about crafting items, or just gathering resources to do so, but also about AI fights, and their overall usage. I've been thinking a lot about how I'll make AI, to not be predictable, or about their part in game. Let's take a look on what I've found out.

AI Editor

I would like to show you a little sneak-peak of our AI Editor, that is Node-based. In newer versions of Unity, I think 2019+, they came with Experimental features like AI Graph. I was trying to learn a new thing, so I've decided why not to use this great tool and make an AI Editor with it. Maybe you are asking yourself, why? Why don't you just simply program an AI and that's it. The thing is, it's not it. In Last Wolves, we want to make each AI Entity different. We want every character to have it's own personality, it's own traits, behaviour and so on. So it's almost impossible to program every type of character.

We chose to program it visually instead and make it more human readable for Level designers, who is in this case just me. But looking to the future, it's better to think and to make it usable for future Level Designers.

Level Design

When I was trying to make test world bigger and try different AI situations, It suddenly fell into hours of level designing. So I've decided to redesign starting level, adding some props and maybe in the future, it won't be a test level, but a classic map.


I have updated grass lighting, shaders and textures, so it now looks more natural. I've decided, that using prefabs over painted terrain grass looks better. Try it, you'll see the result.


  • Internal: New AI Editor
  • Internal: New Navigation points
  • Internal: New AI behaviour
  • Level Designed Testing scene

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