Devblog 13

We are getting back to multiplayer, graphics changes and many more features...

After two years, we are back in blog posting. Many things have changed for us. We were working on another projects, so we didn't have enough time to continue working on Last Wolves. Now we do and we are back with big updates and things, that were changed. It's a huuge update. Let's catch up on what has changed.


Hoorray! For almost a year, the blogs on our website weren't working, because of database problems and api. Now it's remade from scratch to bring you better experience. We have in plan lots of updates on website, so stay tuned.


In whole history we have started doing animations externally. In new Blender 2.8. It's really better to set it to humanoid and then just copy animations to another character, which makes us possible to chreate new characters. Which is by the way in plans.


Terrain Model

We've been trying to implement voxel terrain, to make user experience better and to make user dig through the terrain. It's a really cool feature, but let's be realistic.

Every vertice of the terrain is a piece of data. Even it's not shown to user. Imagine cubic grid 100x100 points. I mean the cube, that is made from tiny cubes 1x1 and each are tightly connected. Every connection of corners represent a vertice. Each vertice has it's coordinates and it's bool whether it is visible or not. And this big 100x100 cubes are a million in one scene. I mean, when you have endless world.

Next imagine that you have changed hundreds of those little vertices. You have dug a big giant hole into the world. And then new player connects. The amound world data, that needs to be send are enormous. So it takes traffic and also storage, which may cause performance leaks.

So that's why we agreed to keep original terrain. But don't worry, plan about multiple maps is on the table.

Terrain Elements

We've updated our game with new plugin, that makes grass an object instead of paint on terrain. It's interactable and the grass will stay away your feet

Mirror block

Making mirrors is the hardest part due to both performance leaks and memory and so on. Imagine you make a mirror. Mirror is made by camera and render texture. Yes, it's as simple as that. But make dozens of them and here you are. Dozens of cameras and render textures. Here you have it. Performance problems. Maybe, we will make mirrors with final count on map, or two mirrors per player or so.


We updated postprocessing, to maximize gaming experience and game atmosphere. Of course, we have optimized rendering, to prevent FPS drop and added occlusion, to disable object, that don't need to be rendered by camera.


Whole scripting has been optimized. We have used FindObjectByType<ComponentName>(); to find some of elements, that are used by client, but the whole magic behind it is doing so many iterations. Everytime you use this method, whole scene is searched for this component. We had this in every script in almost every method. We've solved this by Finding it once and then storing it in a variable. So everytime it is null, it's searched for. But when it's not, just use the variable. What a save right?


Crafting hasn't changed, except of rework of what is craftable. When you open inventory, or receive a new item, Inventory will get an information about change and you will see red or green dot next to item. It says, whether the item is craftable or not. It can reduce time, when you are trying to find available item.

New Item - Facemask

Since it's pandemic, we added thematically new clothing type: Face Mask.

That's all for now. Hopefully we will continue to update regularly, but it also depends on how many changes we make or how's the progress of the game.

For any question and stuff, contact us everytime.


  • Animations moved to Blender
  • New Item: FaceMask
  • Removed Voxel Terrain
  • Added Test Terrain
  • Added Main Terrain(Island)
  • Added plugin for interactive grass
  • Removed Mirror Block
  • Optimized scripts
  • Working Crafting with craftable display
  • Working guns with health damage

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