Devblog 12

Mineable terrain, new items, bugfixes

Hello again after 3 months with newest updates and features, I managed to make in my free time. Because of the lack of time, we haven't got almost any time to continue the development. Let's take a look what's new.



Since we were at "Dni Gamingu" at Spisska Nova Ves, people, who tried the game, asked us to improve lots of things. The first one is, that they can't see recipes for items. Now, when you hover over crafting item, you'll get more info about crafted item.


As the crafting was a bit disarranged and looked like a tons of items in one place so I categorized it. That also shortened render time.


There are some items, that you know in real life, that aren't that easy to craft without special equipment and table. So that's why I made Workbench. It can be craft from wood and from metal plates.


Since I wanted to have fences in game, I had to make some changes in building too. When you want to build a fence around your property, simply add fence to your hand, look wherever it'll be and move your mouse to left and right while holding Ctrl. The block will rotate. Then press place button(LeftMouse). Remember to keep Ctrl down.

Because of Voxel Terrain mentioned below, I had to edit building snap points. You can snap Foundain to empty floor, build larger structures or when you dig down the terrain, you can make shafts.


I also added small props to build like roadsigns.


New achievement system helps us to simply handle unlocking and locking achievements, so you can expect new stuff. I've made two of them. When you play the game as a BETA Tester, what rewards you with special BETA Tester T-Shirt, that nobody can craft except you. So it's a rare item.

Voxel Terrain

After years, months and hours, I finally added Random Generated Terrain. But what's more, I added also option to edit it on the go. To edit it, simply craft shovel for dirt and grass and pickaxe for metals, rocks and so on... Remember, all tools can modify terrain, but with proper tools you get proper material and resources. Materials are used to add volume to the terrain. Use it as normal weapon/tool. When you use this items, look at place, where you want to add/subtract volume from therrain. You'll see squares on the ground, where the magic will happen. Terrain is infinite for now, we will see, if it's good idea.


I wanted to preview clothes. If they are suitable, if they look good and so on. So I made a mirror for it. You can now see how do you look like when you are wearing a piece of clothes. Also it's fun and decorative block.


New type of storage. It'll be able to destroy not important items or allow other players to access it (what a funny idea :D)


  • Achievement: Beta Tester
  • Achievement: Use Campfire for first time
  • Model: Shovel
  • Model: Axe
  • Model: Trashcan
  • Model: Workbench
  • Building: Snappoints
  • Building: Hold Ctrl and move mouse to rotate block
  • Crafting: Categories
  • Crafting: Workbench
  • Voxel Terrain
  • Model: Mirror
  • Model: Light
  • Item: Lightbulb
  • Item: CamSign
  • Item: SpeedSign

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