Devblog 11

Changing the game face and finally going to Steam...

Hello again after almost two months. Yeah, it might look like we gave up, but that's not true. We want to release the game and then it will turn out, if the hours of hard work are worth it. First of all, we made a big progress from very laggy and unstable game to something, that's nice to play. Of course, there are tons of bugs and performance we need to fight with, but finally, it's a very big step for us. Let's take a look, what's new!

Big Cleaning

First of all, the project was, and still is messy, so we had to clean it up and remove unnecessary stuff from it.



If you don't know, what it means, then you're on right place. I'm not gonna give you exact definition, but for explanation purposes, buoyancy means physical law, that describes boats floating and tilt on the ocean.

Water4Advanced removed

When I was profiling the game, it turned out, that Unity's default Water4Advanced takes too much CPU and GPU to Render, so I had to replace it with just simple plane with little effects, and of course, I added the buoyancy effect.


Because of boats, ships and other water stuff, I had to make player swim. It's not highly optimized, and it looks like, the player will fly from the water above the ground, but it'll be fixed next update. Sorry for that.


What I like about sandbox games the most, is the possibility, to play alone, when you don't have Internet connection. It's now possible, you can save, load and delete world in Serverlist. Multiplayer is temporary disabled.

Buildkit Bricks

To make game more interesting, we added Bricks building kit.


New Mobs

Thanks to big animal package we've decided to buy on the store, we can now create huge variety of animals, that can be used for meat, or for it's products. If you are in creative mode, you can spawn them using spawn egg.

Mob Interactions

By pressing Use Key(Default:E), you can make a mob, you own, sit.


New special item is the nametag. You can edit it by pressing slot number save it and immediately placing it onto mob by pointing on him and pressing Use Key(Default:E). Just wait 3 sec and it'll be attached to him. Note: You must be owner of that mob.

3rd Person Animations

Since first version, 3rd person animations weren't used. Now you can see your friend knowing the way of using a gun.

Environmental Changes

Exploring the Nature is (I think) the most important part of an Adventure Sandbox game. So we started making monuments, natural sceneries and so on. We will create different worlds for server diversity.


I've decided, that game will be more interesting, if they will be Villages with NPC's. They will make the game more interesting to play. Who knows, you can be even friends.

ModLua Removed

We've decided, that players will be modding right in C#, the Unity's native scripting language and then packing it into dll.


Old block system was replaced with new, more permanent solution. One script does exactly one thing. Deployable takes care about saving and loading, Inventory is just for managing items and so on... It makes the work much more efficient.

Triangle houses!

For better building options, we added triangle foundains and floors.


Finally, you can make garage for your car inside or outside your house, that opens new possibilities. What's more, they can be endless.

Block Variants

If you are building for example Garagedoor, you may notice, that there's only one item for that. You can change block variant by pressing middle mouse button, when build prefab of certain block is selected. They are changed in circle, so you'll always get back to the first one. Yes, they are technically items, but they are hidden, so you cannot give them yourself.

Block Permissions

If you are owner of block, that is Interactable, you can edit permissions by holding Use Key (Default:E).

Creative Inventory

This is another inventory window, that consists of all items, that you can give to yourself. It is the best tool, when testing the game. You can open it by using chat command /tmi

Mounted Torch

Another item/block I have to mention, because it's great thing to make your house lighter. Even during night.

Debug Console

By pressing ~ button on keyboard, you can open Debug Console. It also logs to file and it is useful, when an error appears and you don't know what to do. It's because standard Console was removed.


After two years of hard work, I'm glad to tell you, that we are finally on steam. Game is still not visible to public, but it is on Steam platform. For those, who are interested in tests, feel free to mail us at [email protected] and you can get Beta access.

That's not all. We are preparing tons of achievements and trading cards, plus merchandise and tons of other rewarding stuff!


  • UI:Creative Inventory
  • STEAM: Added product on steam
  • UI: Removed console
  • UI: Added Debug Console
  • NET: Optimized
  • Model: Garagedoor
  • Model: Triangle Foundain Brick
  • Model: Triangle Floor Brick
  • Model: Triangle Foundain
  • Model: Triangle Floor
  • Model: Garagedoor - 3 variants
  • Model: 39 animals
  • Model: MountedTorch
  • Removed: ModLua
  • Removed: Water4Advanced from UnityTechnologies
  • Model: Ocean
  • Scripting: Buoyanci
  • Model: Vokto Ship
  • Model: Village 3 houses
  • Model: Field
  • Clothing: Glasses
  • Clothing: WinterHat
  • Model: Cardboard box
  • Block: Cartonbox(3 items storage)
  • STEAM: You must have game in library to play
  • Animation: Garagedoor Open/Close
  • Animation: 3rd Person: Crowbar, Ak15, Cz75

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